Anonymous asked: you should just get the silicone out your arse and stick it in ya boobs!

I dont have bum implants :s

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Anonymous asked: I can tell by your posts you want bigger boobs :/ why? what size are you now? And what size do you want to go to?

I get bullied about my boobs and have been for like 4 odd years and its really getting to me why im getting out a loan when im 21 and getting a boob job :)

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Anonymous asked: tell us of your most adventurous sexual experience? e.g. outside, in a car or whatever. you can change names and places if needed. :)

nothing tbh, Boned my ex in a tent thats most interesting sexual experience outside

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Anonymous asked: there are more than 3 of them :')

There are like 3/4 in cov.
Fuck knows if they sell them anywhere else cause ive been to places and I havnt seen the shop that there sold in yet only in cov, Maybe there online idk?

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Anonymous asked: There is more than 3 of those jumpers you fucking hipster whore.

hipster whore,oh.

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Anonymous asked: Your lips are lovely! I want to kiss them =)

thankyou :)

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Anonymous asked: OMFG You're gorgeous! c:

thankyou :3 x

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Anonymous asked: literally the cutest smile i have ever seen. you have really plump thick lips, big bright white teeth, and you have probably the cutest dimples i have ever seen ever. when you smile and those dimples are showing and your cheeks are sticking out, it just makes me feel amazing and it makes me smile myself xxxoxxx

thankyou :$

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Anonymous asked: why are you back with aaron if you liked this other lad?

I still had feelings for aaron they never went away, I fell in love with him. Then the relationship started going meh and I didnt love him. And someone I spoke to about me and aaron was there for me and I started to get feelings for him. I told him he said he liked me and then he got with another girl after ignoring me :/ Me and aaron started talking again and then started meeting up we sorted everything out and were back together. :)

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Anonymous asked: You have the most incredible eyes. Such a cute shade of blue, such big eyes, they always have this little sparkle in them its very very cute i love them xxxoxxx


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Anonymous asked: your body is thicker than mine and I'm size 8, and I have met you in person hahahaha, atleast you didn't deny you were pretending to be anorexic, sick cunt

Hardly pretending when the doctors and hospital diagnosed me with it.
So stop being a “sick cunt” and accusing me of lying when im not. 

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Anonymous asked: favourite sex move?


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Anonymous asked: If anyone says bananas will you do a smash or pass?

Post in my ask bananas for a smash or pass. 

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Anonymous asked: Watch porn and masturbate then..

I’m okay thanks x

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Anonymous asked: Are you horny at the moment?


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