Hello everyone!

Anonymous asked: what height are you?


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Everyone that does I’ll promote you to over 20,000 followers.

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Last night was horrible.
In hospital once again with my second bleed and false contractions.
Spending 9.30-1.30 being poked and prodded wasn’t fun.
Atleast my princess is ok just means she might be abit early If false contractions keep happening!

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Anonymous asked: Would you model my clothing line when I get it set up, your so gorgeous, I'd pay you obviously aswell xo

Yeah sure xx

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Anonymous asked: was a good ass

Still is thx

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Anonymous asked: i miss seeing your ass :(

Paha okay

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Anonymous asked: you're very beautiful. and i believe that you should feel very confident in yourself.

Thankyou x

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This was me today, I’m actually really happy with the way I look for once. 
I’m back to being a ginger I’m wearing less makeup I feel good about myself now so everyone else can fuck off.